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Melbourne’s leading Roofing Company for over 30 years
Melbourne’s leading Roofing Company for over 30 years
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  • Clean Rebed, Repoint and Repaint
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Client Testimonials
  • Full marks to WorldClass Roofing for the excellent work carried out on roofing requirements.

    Mrs Johnson

    8th July 2014

  • We were very pleased with the whole process. The tradesmen were excellent and fantastic service. We would definitely recommend WorldClass Roofing to our friends and relatives.

    H & R Grover

    18th June 2014

  • Very professional job, thank you! Quality of workmanship – excellent, the tradesman was lovely and the cleanliness of job – excellent.

    Mr + Mrs Wilson

    January 2014

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    Roof Restoration Mulgrave

    Year in, year out, Australian roofs are battered with extreme weather events – heat waves, storms, high UV episodes. These extremes are only becoming more pronounced. Such extremes quickly weed-out shoddily-built roofs, made with inferior materials – a too-frequent occurrence in Melbourne! For a roof restoration Mulgrave residents can trust will be strong and long-lasting, however bad the Australian weather becomes, they must get nothing less than WorldClass Roofing.

    Minor faults or flaws in design or craftsmanship may seem like something home owners just have to put up with. But those minor issues can become major, especially during a storm or other extreme weather event. Leaks unseen from the outside can cause issues internally, perhaps even damaging personal belongings. You’d be shocked at how often roofs aren’t built to codes of practice, and how often insurance companies sneak free of claims as a result!

    So, don’t delay, get WorldClass Roofing today, for your next roof restoration. Mulgrave residents will find we have a range of materials – all the best quality – at affordable prices, from sheet metal to terracotta tiles. If you want your home properly protected, you need only world class.

    Ask us about putting a proper roof over your head today, on 1300 097 969 or on 03 9580 9955.

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